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April 18 2010

iPhone to iPad free upgrade

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March 22 2010

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YouTube - Secret Knock Detecting Lock

March 15 2010

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YouTube - Auduino: DIY Synthesizer
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CCCKC CNC Up and Running!

We’ve been working on getting our Joe’s 2006-R1 homebrew CNC mill up and running for a few weeks now.  We’ve had to install a new router and debug various electrical issues since acquiring this baby but it’s now ready for prime time.  This weekend we finally got the spindle relay control and E-Stop stuff hooked up and tested so our CNC router is ready to roll!  Here’s a quick video of the setup in action:

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How do servos work?
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March 09 2010

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YouTube - 'Spiderman' Vacuum Gloves Part 2 - Bang Goes the Theory - BBC One
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March 01 2010

February 18 2010

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YouTube - multitetris on the c-base mtc
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February 16 2010

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Fritzing - An Introduction
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Wohlgeformtes XML
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February 15 2010

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February 12 2010

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Saturn Magazin 1/2010
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February 09 2010

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【けいおん!】 4-Bit Microcontroller Don't Say Lazy 4ビットマイコンで
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